Continental Vision/Euphoropia
Dr. Charles Klein and Renee Rozenberg
Friendly Staff
Charles Klein, OD

Dr. Klein, an optometrist for 40 years, specializes in new contact lens modalities, particularly for the hard-to-fit patient. His expertise extends to the treatment of eye disease and laser vision correction comanagement, along with traditional general scope optometry.
Dr. Klein has been in practice in Forest Hills since 1976. Formerly the sole owner of Euphoropia, he merged his practice with Continental Vision in 2003, forming the eyewear and eyecare team Continental Vision Euphoropia.
Renee Rozenberg
Office Manager

Renee and her husband Michael were the team that created Continental Vision 27 years ago.  It was their taste and knowledge that has led to Continental Vision Euphoropia's wonderful, unique and excing frame collection.  She handles our business affairs, in addition to teaming with other staff members for frame purchasing and sales.
Sander Levine, OD

Dr. Levine has been associated with Continental Vision for over twenty years, practicing full scope general optometry with a sub-speciality in pediatrics.  This includes Vision Therapy; achieving great success with both children and adults with learning disorders and binocular vision abnormalities.
Licensed Dispensing Optician

Robert is a licensed, dispensing optician. He handles most of our dispensing and adjusting chores, as well as doing a great job of helping you chose that "just right" frame for you.
Eyewear Specialist

Rhonda has been with Dr. Klein and Euphoropia for many years, as frame buyer, stylist, contact lens assistant, and generally helpful and valuable person to have around. She came along with the practice merger, and brings to Continental Vision Euphoropia a wealth of knowledge and experience.
Ophthalmic Technician

Ben is one terrific shop man! He has worked for some of the finest and most upscale Manhattan opticians, and he is a careful, accurate craftsman who produces eyewear that we're proud to dispense and you'll be proud to own.
Michael Rozenberg
Licensed Dispensing Optician
Michael Rozenberg and his wife Renee were the owners of Continental Vision for 20 years before the merger with Euphoropia.  Michael was vastly experienced in the optical industry, having been trained classically by experts in the field.  His personal vision was the driving force behind our beautiful new space and our hallmark frame collection.  We mourn his passing and miss him dearly.