Continental Vision/Euphoropia
Dr. Charles Klein and Renee Rozenberg
What's New
New One Day Disposable Contact Lens
 One Day TruEye, the first silicon hydrogel one day disposable lens. Superior comfort and oxygen transimission. The first wave in a new generation of one day disposables.
Incredible Frame Selection
 We have a number of exclusive frame collections by the world's top eyewear designers. For more information, please see our Services page.
New Multifocal Contact Lenses
 A number of contact lens manufacturers have introduced multifocal lenses to provide patients with alternatives to reading glasses over contact lenses after age 40 or so.
 07/09/2010       More
New 30 day continuous wear lenses
 New materials, new safety and added convenience. A non-surgical way to "wake up seeing".
 07/06/2010       More
Non-dehydrating lenses
 Contact lens materials minimize the dehydration effect of soft lenses.
 07/01/2010       More
Disposable astigmatic lenses
 Contact lens manufacturers continue to make new and better lenses. Wide power and materials ranges now encompass patients to whom this technology was once unavailable
 07/05/2010       More
Member of the Month Award
 Dr. Klein was honored by the Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce as the Member of the Month.
 June 21, 2000       More