Continental Vision/Euphoropia
Dr. Charles Klein and Renee Rozenberg
What's New
New 30 day continuous wear lenses
The FDA has approved 2 brands of soft contact lenses for a maximum of 30 days continuous wear without removal. These lenses, made by Bausch and Lomb and CibaVision, are made from a family of polymers called silicone hydrogels. Developed in Australia, they offer increased oxygen permeability, increased deposit resistance, and minimized bacterial bonding, thus allowing for safer and healthier continuous wear. While this approval is not, of course, a guarantee of successful wear, it indicates the lenses' ability to satisfy criteria that the FDA considers essential before continuous wear is attempted. Professional evaluation is essential to insure healthy, safe lens wear, especially on a prolonged basis.
Silicone hydrogel lenses are now available in single vision, astigmatic and multifocal designs.