Continental Vision/Euphoropia
Dr. Charles Klein and Renee Rozenberg
Better titled Services and Products, here are some of the things we offer you:
Frame Collection
 We feature, among other things, a collection of exclusive, high fashion unique eyewear by some of the world's leading eyewear designers. Click above for access to some of these manufacturer's own websites for previews.
Contact Lenses
 Dr. Klein fits a wide variety of specialty contact lenses, with a view toward solving prior problems and succesfully refitting previous contact lens failures.
Professional Eye Examinations
 Thorough, unhurried examinations, with time spent listening to your problems and discussing the solutions to them with you.
Laser Vision Correction
 Dr. Klein offers his patients complete co-management services for laser vision correction.
Optical Services
 We carry a wide,varied line of frames of all styles, materials and prices.

Our lens selection menu features both new lens designs for various challenging optical tasks, as well as traditional solutions for traditional problems.

Treatment of Eye Diseases
 Dr. Klein is certified to diagnose and treat routine eye disease
Sports Vision
 Sports eyewear for maximun performance and safety.
Vision Training
 Dr. Sander Levine is a vision therapy specialist.