Continental Vision/Euphoropia
Dr. Charles Klein and Renee Rozenberg
Sports Vision
Would you run a race in your office shoes?
Of course not! So why would you use your office or everyday glasses to run the same race? Or to play tennis?
You will not only perform your sport better with eyewear designed for sports, you'll also be safer.
So many times, people buy protective eyewear "after the fact". A lot of safety purchases are preceeded by the phrase "I wish I would've done this before....".
If you play tennis, for example, and you're at the net, do you really think your everday glasses will take the impact of a ball hit at your face? The lenses might, but the frame likely won't, unless it's made for impact resistance and protection. Doesn't it just make sense to be safe and use protective eyewear? Frames made of Lexan, for example, with polycarbonate lenses are designed with maximun performance and safety in mind. Many professional athletes and serious amateurs use them. Why don't you?