Continental Vision/Euphoropia
Dr. Charles Klein and Renee Rozenberg
Laser Vision Correction
As an affiliate of TLC Laser Eye Centers, Dr. Klein is associated with a wonderful network of centers and lasik surgeons in the New York area. Known for having both the best and newest equipment, operated by the most highly experienced doctors, TLC has performed thousands of laser procedures for thousands of happy patients.
Co-management means that Dr. Klein guides his patients through all pre and post operative procedures.
We see you before your procedure in order to derive the most accurate readings possible for setting the laser. We deal with questions about the desired outcome for your procedure and what to expect as the normal aging process proceeds afterward.
We see you at regular intervals after your procedure, to monitor the healing process and to assure that the desired outcome is achieved. Should an enhancement be necessary to achieve the goal, TLC's policy of lifetime commitment will provide such an enhancement at no additional charge. Dr. Klein will guide you through that procedure as well.
Dr. Klein is a member of the advisory board of the TLC Manhattan center, and his interest in surgical options keeps him informed about new developments and technology as they occur and are offered by the network.