Continental Vision/Euphoropia
Dr. Charles Klein and Renee Rozenberg
Contact Lenses
We fit and provide contact lenses of all types. There are many new and expanding technologies available to specialty fitters for the benefit of all patients.
For example, there are a number of new non-dehydrating soft materials used for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.  Standard designs cover a suprisingly high power range, and custom lenses can extend availability to cover virtually all power and size requirements.  These materials are highly oxygen permeable, and are suitable for dry eyes formerly incapable of adequate wearing time. 
Hybrid lenses, which are essentially rigid gas permeable lenses manufactured within a soft exterior shell, offer both the comfort of a soft lens with the optics of a rigid lens. The newest lens, SynergEyes M, is a multifocal.
Multifocal and bifocal designs have been greatly expanded.  Many patients are now able to compensate for their "over 40 vision problems" without the need for reading glasses over their previous contact lenses. We have had great success with multifocal lenses in both soft and rigid forms.
Keratoconus patients are able to avail themselves of new specialty designs in both rigid and hybrid materials.
Please call for a consultation on your special needs and/or previous contact lens problems.