Continental Vision/Euphoropia
Dr. Charles Klein and Renee Rozenberg
Frame Collection
Here are just some of the wonderful lines of frames we feature:

* Face a Face * Straight from Paris come some of the most beautiful and unique frames in the world. Visit them at their website for a look-see.

* Anne et Valentin * From Toulouse (as in Lautrec) France, this website is almost, but not quite, as interesting as their eyewear, which features strong colors, shapes, and personality.

* Theo * The Belgian eyewear designer Patrick Hoet, who uses an anagram of his surname as his company's name, offers us a few of his styles at his dizzying website. Hold on to your mouse!

* Eye'DC * Visit this Marseilles-based company's website for an interesting experience and a look at some of their innovative styles.

* Prodesign * From Denmark, this website gives you an extensive listing of their frames, illustrating size and color availabilty. Clean, almost understated, and very classy!

* Frost* From Germany, and not for the faint of heart, click on this website for a view of their different and exciting eyewear. Like nothing else!

* Chanel * Do we really need to say more? This link will take you to some of Chanel's fabulous optical and sunwear.

*Judith Lieber * Incredible craftsmanship, semi-precious stones, intricate design. And wait until you see the eyeglass case!